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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hi again

Thanks for the nice emails.  It's fun to have stuff to read while traveling.  Well I'm kinda back so I'll try and write more.  Had all these stories in my head and no way to get them out.  I'm over writing on my iPhone so they just stew in my head.  Sorry if I don't respond to your email- I'm really busy these days.  But since a lot of the emails are the same, I'll answer some here:

  • I don't know about Tracks 2.  My schedule is all over the place.  Also the editor chick is busy growing life in her womb so she has a lot going on too.
  • I will write something.  Soon. 
  • I am still on Reddit and I still love the opiate & drug communities.  Good people.
  • I am currently not on drugs.  Well not hard ones.
  • No I won't put a Kym/Jason/Dev/etc etc. pic up.

 So take care and Thanks!

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