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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Free! Download Morbo2000's new book- Stories From the Moth People -JUNE 13TH ONLY!

The Moth People

When Creation smiled Light upon the world,
The Butterfly People danced to her glory.
But not everyone could live exposed to the Light.
Some were drawn to the Darkness.
They sunk deeper and deeper into a shadow world.
A new world, with new pleasures and new Gods.
Yet the deeper they fell, the Light never died.

Some returned,
Some could not.
These are their stories.
                                   The Stories From the Moth People.


Today only, June 13, 2016 PST, download Stories From the Moth People FREE.  I hope you enjoy.  And if you can, please Review it on Amazon and Goodreads for me!  Thanks a lot.  You guys are the best.  Oh and if you're broke and missed the free download, there will be future give aways as well.  

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